Sunday, November 07, 2010

Just Remember People....

Just remember people - you will obtain more excercise from assembling excercise equipment than from actually using the equipment.

Just remember people - he who laughs last was the slowest to check his email.

Just remember people - The term "Like a B52" is a reference to somebody not understanding something as it has gone "straight over their head". It would obviously be more confusing for them if carpet-bombing operations were being undertaken at the time.

Just remember people - having studied biology is not a prerequisite for a working biological clock.

Just remember people - Just because mudslingers throw mud doesn't mean that gunslingers throw guns.

Just remember people - Having a timebomb ticking in your head doesn't mean that you're a terrorist.

Just remember people - Orville Wright didn't have a pilot licence. Amelia Earhart did.

Just remember people - shoot first and question the survivors later.

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Anonymous said...

Great points enjoy your week and weekend. Gil