Saturday, November 06, 2010

Canning Show

I took The Boy to the Canning Show last night. The Perth Royal Show is quite expensive, parking is difficult, it's crowded as it's held during the school holidays and we've been a couple of times already. Something different required this year.

Was a little bit surprised to see people leaving as we entered only one and a half hours after it had opened for the evening. Later on I realised why. We had to stretch out our activities for two and a half hours to see the fireworks. The scale of the Canning Show is much smaller than the Perth Royal Show. Budget was still the same for the number of rides to go on and sideshow alley games to play. We had a look at pretty much every exhibition on display and it wasn't a bad evenings entertainment.

Clothing prize winners

Cooking prize winner

Decorated Cake prize winner

Floral Art prize winner

Flower disappointed with second place

Flowers on display

Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting, Toys & Dolls prize winners

Sideshow Alley

Rides that we went on were Nitro (both), dodgem cars (both) and Super Nova (The Boy). Nitro was great, dodgem cars were good fun (managed to smash each other up a bit) and Super Nova was a "you must ride this" attraction. I guess the most eagerly anticipated item, apart from the fireworks, was the fairy floss. Actually, I don't think that The Boy has ever eaten it previously.


Nitro at night time

The Boy on Super Nova

Super Nova in action

Super Nova up high

Dodgem cars in action

Fast action on the dodgem cars


Fairy floss aftermath

Nitro ride at Canning Show

Dodgem cars at Canning Show

Super Nova ride at the Canning Show

Fireworks at Canning Show


Iris Flavia said...

Oh, my... never ever would I (or any person near me) want to join such a ride!! :-))
Watching the video made my stomach turn round already!

But fairy floss is a cute word - or is it? Floss reminds me of dentist, too.
We call it sugar-cotton.

Hammy said...

Also known as cotton candy.

Anonymous said...

Cool glad you had fun. Gil