Monday, November 01, 2010

Big Moth

I spotted a large moth on my walk to the bus stop this morning. Must be a storm moth although the storm that we had the other day was hardly noteworthy. Perhaps the weather conditions brought about this little fella. He's quite a specimen, don't you think? Would have made quite a meal for a bird. I left him alone.

Big moth

That's how big he was

Front view

Side view


Iris Flavia said...

Great! The 55´s-Burger of Mc Donald´s nearly made it´s way out!!! Ewww.
A warning would´ve been nice! ;-)
I can top you, though!

Ingo said, "don´t look over here" (which you certainly do, right?
That moth, that spent the night in the car with us (and maybe sat on my face???) was so large, I could see it without glasses and stomped poor Ingo down, getting out.

Sometimes I´m kinda glad to be in Germany!
Only sometimes (freezing my butt of now again)

Hammy said...

Didn't the title prepare you at least a litte?

Anonymous said...

Scarey but, neat too. Gil