Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cottesloe Beach Hotel Christmas Party

Explosion off the coast of Cottesloe

It's safe to show my pink shorts now that the world is at an end

A few weeks back I was invited to attend the Christmas party of a supplier to our company. I generally don't turn down these invitations as, apart from free drinks and nibbles, they are a good way to network. That's the reason they exist anyway. The invitation said to make sure that arrival was by 6:45 pm to catch the sunset. I arrived ten minutes after said time but just managed to view the sunset. So, that's what people pay the big dollars for when it comes to Cottesloe?


Ships in silhouette at dusk

A bump on the horizon

The party was held at the Cottesloe Beach Hotel, known to the locals as The Cott, and they put on a free bar and some delicious food. I got to meet most of the employees of the company doing the entertaining and what a varied bunch they were. Topics of discussion ranged from politics (first meeting topic appropriateness?), home loans, football, credit card fraud and unwashed lycra bicycle pants. It was a very nice evening and being on a Wednesday the area was quiet. Not many people at Cottesloe beach at 10 pm.

Cottesloe Beach Hotel

A deserted Cottesloe beach


Iris Flavia said...

That sounds and looks just great!
We´ll be stuck in a restaurant all evening on our Christmas Party - this morning I had a small layer of ice on the car - and it´s only November...
But even if it was summer over here... no beach anyways.

Darius Cartmell said...

I believe in the saying that "Tough guys wear pink!" As a fan of beach hotels, I haven't seen any beach hotel that does not allow men to wear pink. LOL That's a beautiful sunset, by the way. Sunset is one of the most awaited moments on the shore. Even I, myself, still wait for the sunset whenever I can.

Donna Parsley said...

@Darius: "Tough guys wear pink!”--- Indeed!! :D I always love to see my hubby wear pink. Actually, the last time we went to the beach, he wore a pink surf shorts. He really looked cool in those pink shorts. Well, I was the one who bought it. :p I have great taste, don't I? ;)