Sunday, October 31, 2010

Don't Mess With The Man With The Shoulder Of Steel

Something unusual happened yesterday. I discovered that I had a shoulder of steel. It all started so innocently in Subiaco with the fruit and veg shopping. There was sufficient time after the shopping to go to the post office before my appointment with the chiropractor. Only 30 minutes so I had no time to dilly dally as the post office was some distance away. As I approached the Rokeby Road and Roberts Road intersection the little man turned green to cross. Knowing that I would have to wait at least two minutes, which I could ill-afford, I started running to get to the intersection. It was shortly after I emerged from behind a coffee shop building that I noticed a cyclist bearing down on me at perhaps 40 km/h. He was pretty mobile. I didn't have time to dodge him and he smacked right into my left shoulder. I did have an image of getting hit by the wheel or having a clash of heads, which wouldn't have done me any good as he was wearing a helmet, the split second before impact so there was a little bit of concern for my welfare.

Well, I must be built like Iron Man, we watched Iron Man 2 last night, coz I took the cyclist out completely with a hip and shoulder. Ok, he only ran into my shoulder. He went sprawling and lay on the ground for a while. I managed to stay upright the whole time. I asked him if he was alright as he lay there and if he needed a hand up. His response was that he was a bit winded but ok and he admitted to going a bit fast fast but that I had been running also. I didn't bother to mention that he wasn't riding in the bike lane which would have given me more time to pull up and avoid the collision. I didn't need to as I was in one piece and I'd just taken him out although his momentum was much greater than mine. Shoulder of Steel. Don't mess with it. We hugged and had a laugh about it as no one was seriously hurt. It was an awkward minute or so waiting for the little green man to reappear whilst he put his bike back together.

When I got home and started relaying the information about my big collision my missus thought that I'd crashed her car so she started to get very upset. No sense of humour my wife. Told my takewondo instructor that my balance must be getting better as I'd managed to stay upright. That was about 15 minutes before I fell flat on my arse in front of the class whilst trying to do a spinning kick. Not half as funny as the comment from one of the students who yelled out, "Yo!" instead of "Yes, sir!" when it was time to collect his card from the instructor who subsequently gave him 40 pushups.

Went shopping later and it was interesting to see the people get out of my way as I wandered about. Perhaps they've heard about the new Mr Invincible and his Shoulder of Steel.


Anonymous said...

What can I say you are Super Hammy!!! Have a great week. Gil

Iris Flavia said...

Sorry, had to laugh! :-))