Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Army Museum of Western Australia Visit

Took The Boy to the Army Museum of Western Australia on Sunday. It's down in Fremantle so we had lunch as well. Our plan was to head to Fast Eddy's but it's closed down and been taken over by Outback Jack's. Ate instead at Ali Baba and the 40 Dishes - nice pides.

I wasn't expecting too much from the museum but was pleasantly surprised with the quality and amount of material on display. The Western Australian Australian Infantry Force (AIF) certainly has quite a history. The guides are only too willing to offer their assistance. Every soldier from WA who has been awarded a Victoria Cross, the Commonwealth's highest award for courage in the face of the enemy, had a personal display.

It was a great lesson in history and the two hours we spent there flew by. Just a pity that the vehicles out the front couldn't be entered. I guess they're worried about the asbestos they contain and vandalism. Definitely recommend a visit if you are interested in war memorabilia.

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Anonymous said...

Great I must go see it. Gil

Iris Flavia said...

Ali Baba and the 40 Dishes - that´s too cute!
We had a Pub or something near my Kindergarten called Ali Baba and I was always wondering... aw forget it, I was not even 5 back then ;-)
where do they hide the 40 guys??? Will they rob the toy-store around the corner???