Saturday, October 02, 2010

Is This The World's Most Unfortunate Surname?

Got an email recently from a friend which was an mp3 of a prank call to a guy with the surname Cockhead. I've found it on YouTube as well. It's quite funny and the guy has an unfortunate surname.

But I think the prize goes to Sheila Dikshit, I'm not making this up, who is currently the Chief Minister of Dehli and was on the news recently to say that Dehli's Commonwealth Games village was ready. I think that people without an Indian heritage will find the name amusing.


Anonymous said...

Those take the cake. I did know a man named Seymore Butts. Ha ha That would suck. Gil

Iris Flavia said...

Poor guys!
I have one over here called "Clever", just.. he is anything but clever, that poor fella!

Once someone called me. (really, happened!)
I said my name (Emperor) he said, what???? we repeated this a couple of times and he ended with... um, I wanted to talk to Mr. King.
Well... sadly I wasn´t smart enough to say, I send you down then.