Saturday, November 06, 2010

Bees Are Busy Working At My Place

I did the fruit and veg shopping this morning and when I arrived home couldn't avoid hearing the buzzing of many bees. They're busy collecting nectar and pollinating our berry tree out the front. In fact you need to avoid them a bit trying to enter the house because there are so many of them. I did notice one who was a bit larger than the rest, his eyes appeared to be bigger and he wasn't doing a lot of work. Dashed inside to grab the camera and took a few pics of the bees close-up.

Do you see what I see B1? What do you see B2?

Bee at work

Bee close-up

Bee coming in to land

Bee hiding

Bee levitating

Bee not doing much collecting

Bee with big eyes

Bee with head down and bum up

Busy bee


Susan Ham said...

Thanks for the pics. Probably the only time I will see a bee with pollen on it's legs.

Iris Flavia said...

Never seen a bee with pollen so far, either! Didn´t think it was that yellow!

Anonymous said...

Wow I am glad it did not sting you. Gil