Tuesday, August 03, 2010

What Will Julia Gillard Be Doing After August 21st?

It struck me tonight - What will Julia Gillard, our current prime minister, be doing after the election on August 21st? It's seems all the more clear that she won't be prime minister at least. Tony Abbott needs to keep his mouth, and those of his deputy Julie Bishop and shadow treasurer Joe Hockey, shut for another three weeks for that to happen though.

I watched Julia Gillard tonight on the 7:30 Report with Kerry O'Brien. He asked the tough questions, to which many she feigned to laugh, but she answered very few of them no matter how pressing Kerry was. One of my colleagues commented that she has no credibility.

- I don't think that Julia is cut-out for a job as a stockbroker or share trader - she doesn't like to speculate.
- I don't think that Julia is going to get a job race-calling on the track or providing opinion on footy matches - she doesn't like to comment.
- I don't think that Julia has a future as an autobiographer - she has nothing to say about herself.
- I don't think that Julia will become a talk show professional guest - she has not done anything to brag about or appear to have any achievements to be proud of during her time in government.
- I don't think that Julia could be a patron of any organisation - she doesn't care for the sick and underprivileged (Kevin Rudd didn't even get a phone call from her when in his hospital bed after having his gall bladder removed).
- I don't that that Julia could become a scriptwriter - her message uses the same words each day but says very little.

- She does have a future as a newsreader or actor - she reads from a script very well.
- She does have a future as a surgeon - she really knows how to stick the knife in.
- She did have the possibility of becoming the Western Bulldogs' full forward but Barry Hall appears to have done enough to cement his position for this year and possibly the next. Julia will be too out of shape in two seasons time to take over.

At least Pauline Hanson was still interesting after she finished in politics.

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Iris Flavia said...

Guess Julia should switch jobs quick, then!
Hope she isn´t glued to her seatr as is mayor Sauerland (Duisburg, Loveparade - "noooo, it´s NOT about money, it´s about responsibility!" (of getting the darn money)) - politics, gah!!!