Sunday, August 08, 2010

West Coast Eagles versus Brisbane Lions

I was invited to attend a dinner and football match this weekend - the West Coast Eagles versus Brisbane Lions. Even though I have no affiliation with either team the company, the meal and the match are too good to pass up. My former work colleague, Rob, invited me and I took Miky with me. She's not too keen on football but wanted to see what the meal was about.

Early at the ground

The Barry Cable Roo(m).

Tony Mac from 6PR with the Eagles' Daniel Kerr.

I thought that it was pretty fun when the meal to be served was lamb. Miky hates lamb. I've only eaten lamb on a few occasions since we were married. She did enjoy it though as there is a lot to be said for the way that it is cooked. Before the match started we filled in some betting forms - who would kick the first goal, leading team and lead at half time, winning team and margin at the conclusion of the game. As four people didn't show up to our table there were some additional forms that we made use of. My first pick was for the Eagles to win by 18 points and for my second I chose the Lions to win by three points.

Brisbane Lions warming up

Nic Naitanui (9) at the opening bounce.

Ash McGrath (L) and Jonathan Brown (C)

Early on in the match and the Lions didn't appear to have brought their kicking boots. They let a lot of goals go missing with their inaccurate kicking. David, sitting next to me, mentioned that "Jonathan Brown will be the difference between the two sides." I asked, "Would that be by one point or five points?"

Throughout the match Miky would make comments like, "Who was that kicked to?" which is exactly what the crowd and the commentators would have been saying. She reads the game quite well in fact. Maybe she's a closet football lover.

Jonathan Brown - The Brisbane Lions captain

Decent size crowd

Happy Eagles fans after a goal was scored.

Pensive Eagles supporters.

It was a pretty scrappy game with lots of turnovers by both sides. Skills were down somewhat on AFL standard and it wasn't too difficult to see why the Eagles were sitting in last place (16th) on the ladder and the Lions occupied 15th.

Tony Mac with Eagles president Mark Barnabas.

Close game during the third quarter

Happy Eagles fans.

Unhappy Eagles fan.

Very unhappy Eagles fan.

Back inside the room at the conclusion of the match where the winner of the $50 betting voucher for picking the winning margin was announced. I had already seen the winner as I was standing next to Tony Mac when they handed him the sheet - it had my name on it. The Lions had won by five points with the last kick of the game by Jonathan Brown and my pick by three points was the closest. Miky was able to take a photo of me.

Very happy $50 betting voucher winner

Betting voucher

Empty ground

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