Saturday, August 21, 2010

Federal Election Day

No, I said election. It's nothing to do with a Japanese stiffy.

Australians go to the polls today to vote for members of parliament. Well, when I say today there have been some 1.8 million votes cast already by 13% of the voting population in postal votes and the like. That's for people who won't be in the country on the day or can't make it to a polling booth. Voting only takes a few minutes and is unlike the US Presidential voting where people can queue for 10 hours, on a Tuesday, to cast their vote. We always have it on a Saturday. As it is compulsory perhaps we should have the following Monday off as we have had to "work". I can walk less than 10 minutes to the polling booth.

I'll be voting today for my local member. No, that has nothing to do with my anatomy. Why do so many terms to do with politicians have sexual double meanings?

I hope that the Liberal/National Coalition gets back into office. They require 17 additional seats, a huge swing, and I have a hunch that with the polls indicating that it will be such a close affair (another double entendre?) that they will just miss out. We'll be stuck with those idiots who have wasted the budget surpluses put aside by the Coalition over the previous 11 years, who ran a disastrous home insulation scheme, who want to almost tax our mining industry out of existence, who want to tax our use on carbon when this is rather stupid and not giving people incentive to change where they obtain their power from, etc, etc. The Coalition has something like 44% of the primary vote and the Labor Party has about 38% but with the Greens providing their preferences to the Labor Party it looks as though this damn preferential voting system is going to deliver us another bloody three years of Labor.

Why would anybody, in possession of a right mind, vote Greens? Not only does the Labor Party, like I mentioned previously, want to almost tax our mining industry out of existence, but the Greens want to add $2 billion dollars to the bill.

Vote Liberal - vote for business. Business creates the jobs in this country, not the government. Well, the government does create jobs but they are only parasites, i.e. public servants.

Disclaimer: This message has not been endorsed by the federal Liberal/Nationals Coalition. It is the opinion of Frugal Bastard.

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