Saturday, August 21, 2010

Polling Place on Election Day 2010

I've just returned from voting. No queueing for 10 hours in whatever the weather can throw at me. No acts of terror to frighten me away from partaking in my (compulsory) right to vote. Managed to avoid the Laborites, who were camera shy, with their how-to-vote-for-the-biggest-load-of-crap-and-wastage-party papers. Not that I'm biased mind you. Interestingly there was a queue to enter the polling place. And the people in the queue were quite chatty.

Polling place parking at a premium
Even had to queue to vote
Come on you Irons
Tim Hammond banner - Boo! Hiss!
Move Australia Forward - get rid of Julia Gillard's Labor government
Steve Irons - Current federal member for Swan
Banners everywhere
Who's going to clean all of this up?
Clever Liberal Party banners
I think this is an anti-Liberal Party banner
Those Laborites are at it again
Liberal Party aides weren't camera sh
Liberal Party advertising
The Liberal Party's promises

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