Saturday, June 19, 2010

World Cup Umpiring

Is it just me or has the umpiring in this years World Cup been **cough cough** ordinary? And believe me, I've seen ordinary. Eddie Lennie used to umpire at Perth Glory games. Sorry Eddie, I never could stand your umpiring at our home matches but you didn't do badly at the World Cup when you officiated. Actually, having read the page on Wikipedia about him he'd fit right in at South Africa 2010.

I think that the Yanks were robbed last night by umpiring worse than in Germany vs Serbia game. There were at least three instances of holding in the penalty box by the Slovenians that should have led to a penalty but Edu put the cross into the net and they still weren't awarded the match-winning goal they so richly deserved.

Miroslav Klose's second yellow card, when he accidentally clipped one of the Slovenes from behind and tripped him up, was a disgrace. How many officials do they have in a match and no common sense seems to prevail? You can't make a mistake like that with such quality players as at a World Cup and it not have consequences.

As a side note, here's one for you English - to the tune of "You're going home in the back of an ambulance!" Altogether now - "We're so sh!t it's unbelievable!!"

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