Monday, June 07, 2010

Banker Fired For Being Too Hot

News article about a former bank employee of Citibank having been fired because was too good looking and distracting male colleauges. Photos of Deborahlee Lorenzana here.

Isn't that a story that needs to be told. I'm sure it goes on in many workplaces but I'd say this woman is fishing for a large payout. Or a role in an adult movie. No comments about the likely script as I've already got that one worked out. Vivid Entertainment are probably knocking on her door right now.

Surely the bank could have placed this woman in customer relations? Who says the banking industry can't be sexy? Bunch of stuffed shirts down at Citibank. Where's the personal touch?


Susan Ham said...

I wonder, did she turn up for work dressed like this? Just kidding. Probaly has a case for wrongful dismissal.

Anonymous said...

That is wrong. People can control what they do. What nonsense unless she was going to work naked or just being a dirty whore slut.

Iris Flavia said...

Was even in our news, too. She said the less attractive women were ok wearing mini-skirts even.
Weird story!

Anonymous said...

Your fired Hammy. Got ya!! ha ha