Friday, June 25, 2010

Kevin Rudd Has Much To Be Thankful For

Even though Kevin Rudd was unceremoniously dumped as Labor leader by his party yesterday, I think that he has much to be thankful for. At least in Australia when the leaders lose support they are only politically assassinated and not physically assassinated. They lose their head politically. There are many countries around the world where he wouldn't have gotten so luckily. It was only a few knives in the back after all.

One thing that Rudd said in his outgoing blubber was that even though he was still prime minister he wasn't the leader of his own party. But he still had 15 minutes left, before Julia Gillard was to be sworn in as prime minister, and "anything could happen." Really, Kevin? You didn't achieve much in two and a half years I don't see how in another quarter of an hour you could do a single thing worthwhile. Perhaps his last public lie?

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully things will get better.