Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup Is Finally Under Way

Finally the wait is over as FIFA World Cup 2010 is under way. I created a sweep stake at work and had two of the ladies in the office draw the teams and names. When my name was drawn out it was matched with Brazil so I'm pretty happy with that. Brazil are my pick for second in the tournament after a the Argies.

I guess one disappointing aspect about the World Cup being held in South Africa is the timezone. They are some six hours ahead of us and so the games start quite late or very early. I think the Aussies play Germany at 2:30am my time. Luckily I'm on the west coast and the TV station, SBS, is showing games live across Australia...

[We interrupt this blog to bring you the news that South Africa has scored an amazing goal against the run of play against Mexico - Gee, I picked Mexico to win 2-1]

so after the last game of the day there is two hours of programming to be filled in. In the west they show a replay of the last game. So, I could watch the game at 4:30am, not an unreasonable time to rise, without knowing the score and enjoy the match.

At the start of this tournament I weigh 74kgs. Let's see what a month of late nights, early mornings and munchies throughout do to the waistline. Can't be anything good. Hopefully the Aussies don't smash all of their opponents and keep me on the edge of my seat using lots of nervous energy. How many kilojoules could there be in fingernails?

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They must win win win!!!!