Sunday, June 13, 2010

Western Australia Taekwondo Invitational Championship 2010 - Another Video

Another video from the Western Australia Taekwondo Invitational Championship 2010 held at Hartfield Park Recreation Centre today. This one stars Patrick from our Taekwondo Oh Do Kwan club in his championship fight against Jay [insert club name here]. The match was heading for a great finish but was brought, unfortunately, to a premature end by injury. This is my second effort with Windows Movie Maker (TM).

Patrick vs Jay.


Anonymous said...

Great job

James said...

Hammy, I have re-written this comment twice, as not to be derogatory to your martial arts style. So.... good job on the filming, you held the camera nice and steady :D

Hammy said...

James - that must have been very difficult for you. Sure you didn't bite the tip of your tongue off in the process? I'd like to see a karate master take on a taekwondo master.