Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thank You Spain For Making Feel Proud To Be Australian

Following the annihilation of Australia by Germany, 4-0 if you've managed to erase that from your memory, I have regained my pride in being Australian. And it's all down to Spain at the World Cup.

Let's recap, for those that joined us late:

Spain - Lost once in previous 48 international matches.
Spain - Played Switzerland 18 times in internationals for 15 wins and three draws. I.e. never lost to Switzerland in a full international.
Spain - World Cup tournament favourites with the bookies.
Spain - Has striker David Villa who was pre-tournament favourite to win the Golden Boot.
Spain - Averages three goals a game in the World Cup.
Spain - Has four world-class strikers and they were all on the pitch.
Switzerland - Probably doesn't have enough flat land to have a regulation size football pitch.

Final score. Spain 0 - Switzerland 1. Even the irony of the surname of Switzerland's scorer is delicious. His name is Fernandes.

And I would nearly have put my house on Spain winning. Thank you, Spain, for restoring my pride in being an Australian by putting on an even more hopeless display.


Iris Flavia said...

Fernandes!!!! :-)))
That must´ve been a real pain for Spain!

I think it´s really sad Nigeria missed out today.

Anonymous said...