Monday, June 07, 2010

A Malaysian Scam With A Thailand Email

Here's a twist on the old Nigerian scam. I received an email with a message from a lawyer called Michael Soo from Malaysia. Soo, or should that be "Sue", what a great name for a lawyer. He also provides a Thailand email address to contact him on. Ok, the guy isn't asking for any banking details but if you are silly enough to respond then he knows that your email address is legitimate and then he can groom you and get to know more about you. Don't respond to this sort of rubbish. It's just a scam and there's a large degree of social engineering about to come your way to obtain your personal details. The phone number provided uses Malaysia's calling code.

Michael Soo email scam.

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Anonymous said...

That dirty bastard!! I hate those. I get them all the time.