Sunday, June 27, 2010

Little Visitor

Had a little visitor in the house that I first noticed yesterday. Must be a bit cold outside and our most northerly room offers the most sunlight and is probably the warmest too. It's a drop tail lizard and paid us a visit on Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully there are enough small insects to feed the little fella. I'm sure that there is no problem getting outside when required.

Drop tail lizard visitor.

Not too nervy drop tail lizard.

Look at the colour difference between the tail and the body on the drop tail lizard.

Up close and personal with a drop tail lizard.

I remember my wife calling me over to her place not long after she came to the country saying that she had caught a lizard and it had had a baby. Well, it's tail had fallen off and was wiggling about but that is called autotomy.

My missus just told me that there were a couple of them fighting inside that room on Friday and that "They are always there". Secret lizards' business perhaps?


Iris Flavia said...

It´s tail fell off??? Why? How?

Hammy said...

The autotomy link explains the reason why quite well.