Saturday, June 19, 2010

If I Were Robert Green's Career Advisor

Unless you've been living under a rock you would surely have seen Robert Green's goalkeeping error which cost England a win against the USA at this years World Cup.

Robert Green's goalkeeping error.

If I were Robert Green's career advisor I'd be making the following suggestions:

- Take up professional tunnel ball and give the football caper away.
- Don't take up shooting as a profession. You've only got one foot left to shoot.
- Become a pin-up boy for overpaid and underachieving Englishmen everywhere.
- Don't match the code switch to rugby as you have to hold the ball when crossing the line to score.
- Take up cricket instead as you look to have a future as an English fielder.
- Star as a teenage vampire in a movie called "The Howler". Unfortunately it will be R-rated and contain horror not suitable for English people to watch. Much like watching your exploit as England's keeper. Made for the part I reckon.

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Anonymous said...

Great advice.