Tuesday, June 29, 2010

FIFA's Stance On Technology Is Rather Like The Proverbial Ostrich

FIFA, Federation Internionale For Arse-Covering, has a rather dim view of using technology in football matches that would make the game better, fairer and save their face. I'm talking about that goal-that-wasn't from Frank Lampard against Germany and Carlos Tevez's first goal against Mexico from a blatantly offside position. What's FIFA's take on that? Just stop showing contentious decisions, or, as the case may be, non decisions, on the big screens. Yes, that will surely make the controversy go away. What about the billion or two at home watching the game who can't believe that such a fundamental part of the game, the ball crossing the goal line, can't be adjudicated upon effectively with relatively inexpensive and readily available technology?

Nothing like sticking your head in the sand, is there guys? And this from a sporting body which has even more members than the IOC.

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Anonymous said...

Too true. Hammy is on the ball!!