Saturday, December 12, 2009

The World Is A Safer Place - The Boy Is A Blackbelt

Last Sunday we I spent four hours watching taekwondo blackbelt grading. The main reason behind that was for the fact that The Boy was grading for his blackbelt. The first group of students included many blackbelts going for higher dans and their board breaking, between three and five boards, was done individually. This took an hour and a half for that group. The Boy wasn't in the second group graded so it was nearly an hour later before he hit the floor.

Actually, it was the best grading that he has done so far. He had to do taeguk 4 to 8 (patterns), kicks and blocks, ho shin seul (self defence), one step sparring, two step sparring and break two boards. I don't think that he's broken the boards before so he surprised himself somewhat. And when the board breaking was complete he was one happy chappy.

It was so great to see him be awarded his blackbelt as he's worked hard for just over four years. Not bad for a nine year old. And the world should be just that bit safer.


Anonymous said...

Any videos to come?
Well done , we are so proud of him.

Hammy said...

Maybe I can put something on CD. There's not much to see from the distance I was. Not worth putting on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Congrats. He is a super star!!!

James said...

Well done Yu-jin, please tell him congratulations for me Hammy. It's good to see that he stuck at it.
Oh, and if you don't get a xmas card from us (which you normally don't) Merry Christmas and best wishes to You, Miky and Yu-jin from us all.

Hammy said...

Thanks James. His mum has already told him that he'll be doing taekwondo for the rest of his life so it's not like he has a choice. He's pretty happy about achieving his blackbelt, especially at his age, even though his instructor gives him a hard time about it. In a fun sort of way mind you.

Anonymous said...

Kick butt.