Friday, December 04, 2009

Could One Million Dollars Be Worse Than One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars?

Ask yourself this question. Would US$1m be worse to receive than US$150k? Ninety nine out of 100 would answer no but I'll answer yes. That's because I know what is behind the question.

Tiger Woods, whom, I believe, has changed his nickname to Cheetah, by some media accounts has paid one million dollars to one mistress, named by others as Rachel Uchitel, to keep quiet about their alleged affair, and Us Weekly paid Jaimee Grubbs $150,000 to spill her guts about her affair with him.

I think Jaimee Grubbs is in the better position. She's told her story and people can accept that. Rachel Uchital, allegedly, has received more money but is not in a position to tell her story. Ever. How could you live with that scenario? People would be second-guessing you all the time and asking you questions about the (alleged) incident.

I would find it hard to live with myself after that. After all, if I had had an illicit romance with Tiger Woods I'd want to keep it to myself. Stuff the money.


Anonymous said...

Pity ALL people in this position didn't keep their heads below the parapet! We don't need to know all the sordid details. Dignity, always dignity.

Anonymous said...

It is money that matters in the USA. Tiger is a slut.

Anonymous said...

Bad Tiger needs a cage!!!!