Thursday, December 10, 2009

More On Tiger Woods

Or should I say "Moron, Tiger Woods"?

Every time a golfer lines up for a putt in the vicinity of 50 feet or more, there is a race to be the first idiot to yell, "In the hole!" At Tiger's next tournament I'd like to hear somebody say, "In the wrong hole!"

Rachel Uchitel has been offered, allegedly, $1m to shut up about their affair. I wonder if she has been given money to change her name by deed poll to Rachel Donchatell.

What's Tiger Woods's favourite score? A 69 of course. (I'm sure that someone must have come up with that previously).

His scorecard isn't the only thing full of birdies. Only thing is that he has phone numbers next to them.

Maybe we should all leave him alone. He has a problem. A problem that he's seeking to address. Somehow I don't think the cure is to be found amongst a bevy of tall, buxom white women. But he's sure trying hard.


Anonymous said...

Lesson to morons. If it is a slut it will steal from your butt and use you like a piece of trash. It will steal all your cash. Wise up dumb asses.

Hammy said...

That's very poetic.