Saturday, December 26, 2009

Spider Keeps The Peace

A spider has set up shop in front of our house. Don't come visiting after sunset as that's when she spins her web. Obviously there is a great deal of food in the vicinity as there is a swampy wetlands area across the road and mozzies galore. But we have had our altercations and disagreements over time. My missus has walked through the web at night time on a number of occasions and I've done so once or twice in the morning.

Maybe Spidey is keeping the peace now. The web doesn't go up until just after sunset and takes about an hour to be spun. By sunrise all traces, bar one or two guys, are gone. She completely dismantles the web each night and respins each evening. So, the disagreements have abated somewhat and everybody is happy. Well, almost everybody. The missus still believes that as this is her house she should be entitled to enter the front door via the pathway as that's how the entrance has been designed. The other night she gave me an ultimatum, of sorts, that if I wasn't going to remove the spider I had to remove the pavers.

Spider remains. I think that it will be a long time before I rip up the pavers. Just don't come to our abode after dark or you'll be in for a nasty surprise. Ideal for Halloween though.

Spider working away building web.

Finished web.

Spidey up close.

Web with palm tree fronds in background.

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Anonymous said...

She has to have her Hammy. Milky is jealous.