Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Long For This World

I read, aghast, a report today that if you have a baby face then you are more likely to live to a ripe old age. If that truly is the case then I don't have long on this planet.

I remember working as a 22 year-old in London at one stage and the foreman asked me how old I was. His guess was 36. Another bloke thought that I was 35 and about the closest was 30-odd. Obviously I didn't have a baby face back then and things haven't gotten any better. People were surprised at my age and the comment, "Gee, you must have had a hard life," was mentioned on a few occasions.

Actually, I don't think I look much older than just after finishing high school. And I was pretty gawky looking at school. Can't get over some of the old photos of me.


Anonymous said...

Want a baby face? Eat, drink and be merry. Oh and don't forget the ice cream. You are still a Youngster!!!

Iris Flavia said...

I may make it over 100 then! At age 33 I still had to show my ID when I wanted to buy Sparkling Wine (which is allowed from 16 on) and that same year I was asked if I have "already" a driving licence :-)

Though... do I wanna live that long?

Hammy said...

Sounds like you'll be around for a while Iris.