Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tree Hugger

I had to pick up a work colleague on the way to a vendor inspection yesterday. He was located near a busy train station. Cars were parked on every available spot alongside the road. So there wasn't a lot of space between cars or trees.

Now, I'm not sure if this guy was a greenie or a different kind of tree hugger but as he pulled out from his off-road parking spot I saw a reasonable sized branch hanging off the back door. He had had to park so close to a tree that when the backseat passenger got out and closed the door they had caught the branch in it. I must say, it was quite a sight to see a car driving down the road with a branch poking out from the door.


Anonymous said...

That tree killing bastard!! lol

Anonymous said...

What, no pics this time???

Hammy said...

Um, driving at the time. Bit difficult.