Sunday, March 29, 2009

Heart and soul, and a bit of finger

Late last night my sleep was disturbed. I'd started work early so hit the sack around 10. My missus came into the room in a state of shock. She'd been cutting up chinese cabbage to make kimchi and chopped the end of her finger. Not that she was in a lot of pain but there was a bit of blood coming out. We cleaned it up a bit and put some bandaids on it to hold the skin on.

About an hour later same thing. Well, she was still in shock about it bleeding, I guess. We changed the bandaids but I commented that she had some elastoplast-type bandaids, which pull at your skin when you remove them, and that she should change them. Bandaged her up this time so there should be less issues when changing the dressing.

Funny thing was that she could laugh about it. I said that I loved her more seeing as there was only 99.85% of her to love. She would nearly be able to park in disabled spaces for the next couple of weeks. I told her that she'd invented meatlovers kimchi instead of the vegetarian variety - just add chinese cabbage, salt, chili powder and a bit of finger. You know, the sort of stupid things that flow so easily off my tongue.

She'll live. But talk about putting body and soul into your work.


Susan Ham said...

I'll pass, thank you. I would have anyway, as that dish is way too spicy for me.

Iris Flavia said...

Ouch!! Thinking of passing, too! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Bless her heart. Now you must play nurse and cater to her every need this week lol MEAT does a body good next time. Cabbage gross lol