Monday, March 30, 2009

Taekwondo Perth Open Championships 2009

We spent much of Sunday watching the taekwondo Perth Open Championships. In the morning we saw about an hour before heading to the pool (I did 86 laps [43 real ones] in the time it took to do 80 last week) before grabbing pizzas and heading back to watch the more important bouts. Managed to get a few pictures and one video with a nice kick to the head. Unfortunately the kickee was our team member and he lost the final. In one of the bouts we watched the eventual winner did three consecutive backwards spinning kicks and clobbered his opponent in the head with the third. Mighty impressed we were.

Last round of the Mens Open final at Perth Open Championships - Patrick vs Brody.

Mens Open semi-final.

Not sure what they call this kick.

Watch out for the axe kick. This guy was devastating.

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Anonymous said...

Kick butt, kick butt, kick butt!!! lol