Tuesday, December 02, 2008

More Than My Time Is Worth

The last weekend was a bit of a waste. I bought a new lock for the security screen door and a handle for the shovel that was broken. I spent a good few hours pulling the old lock apart cleaning it, trying to make room for the replacement lock which was a bit deeper and all to no avail. This included several trips to the hardware store and back in the interim. It would have been cheaper to have purchased a new screen door if I considered what my time is worth.

And then the shovel handle. This one gained me some sunburn. One would expect that to remove one screw, remove one handle, to insert one handle and to insert one screw would be a piece of cake. Oh, no it wasn't. The screw came out ok but the handle wouldn't budge. I tried to knock it away with an array of tools and finally had to drill most of it out and then split it up using a screwdriver as a chisel. Once the end of the screwdriver came off I had the bit of round bar that I really wanted to drive the old handle out with and it was only a matter of moments before that eventuated. The new handle went in fine and will do a great job. I'm sure I could have bought a new shovel for less than the cost of my time though.

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Anonymous said...

I agree next time buy the whole new door. You could get skin cancer from the sunburn. It is much more expensive then the new door and your time is valuable too. You are'nt a piece of dog poop ya know. Just ask Milky and your sweet boy. Annette