Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Hot - Must Be Christmas Time

As I was not working today we had decided that it would be a good idea for The Boy to visit Santa. He had been dying to see him so that he could safely forget about that which he wanted. It's all too much pressure for someone of his years. Surely you can appreciate that. There could be nothing worse than forgetting to tell Santa what you wanted for Christmas.

We headed to Myer in the city and, as expected, there was quite a queue of people waiting. Never mind. Boy, did The Boy appear nervous in front of Santa. Quite like a naughty boy in front of the headmaster. And he only asked for one thing. I'm very happy to see that he's not greedy and materialistic.

Naughty boy (looks like) with Santa

The Boy With Santa in 2008

That's not a real reindeer

Christmas Tree in Perth 2008

You could tell it is Christmas time. Apart from the Christmas tree in the city that is. The mercury hit 38 degrees today. And we're talking celsius here.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas. He is real adorable. From, Annette

Iris Flavia said...

Again, envy ;-)
Grey, cold weather over here. 4, talking also Celsuis :-(