Monday, December 22, 2008

The Boy And The One Hundred Gs

No, we're not talking about $100k. We're talking about 100 G marks. The Boy received a G mark when he did some additional homework - maths, spelling, writing, piano practice, etc. He was told from the beginning that once he reached 100 Gs he would receive a Nintendo Wii. We also threw in the need to know his times tables. It was the missus' idea and one that was very motivational.

Well, guess what? Before the end of the year he managed it. Boy he had to work hard for it though. And let me tell you it is one addictive machine. And the additional accessories and games are going to kill me. Great fun for the family.

The Boy is already a pro bowler and I've only managed to beat him three times in about 25-30 games. He is good, let me tell you. But I'm so much better at boxing than him. Just wait until I buy a second remote and we can face off.


Anonymous said...

Cool my son is addicted too. It is expensive. I agree but, well worth the hours of fun. With the wireless remote they get more exercise too. me lol

Iris Flavia said...

Weird. I guess I´m too old for that already!
Btw, weird... I tagged you :-)

Anonymous said...

One of those nasty Lane people that were bad to you was murdered. Just thought I would let you know. He was 46.