Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Good Samaritan - Moi?

I don't mind helping out the neighbours or even strangers in need of a hand. Yesterday whilst walking to work I noticed something odd. A car was parked on the road facing the driveway. Then I noticed the girlfriend of the car's owner was at the car dressed in her pyjamas. It's at this stage that I realised the car wasn't actually going. Aha, the stupid Holden ute is not running and they need a hand to push it into the driveway. Being the helpful-natured bloke that I am I was about to help out then I remembered that I'd seen the guy take a wheelbarrow load of rubbish across the road and dump it on a vacant block.

Push your own heap of sh!t back into the yard, you prick.

Me, the good Samaritan? Not today, bucko.

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Anonymous said...

That dirty bastard. Sounds like some neighbors I know except they throw it all over and steal everyone's stuff. Annette