Saturday, November 01, 2008

ABB Corporate Golf Day 2008

Recently I was invited by one of my companies vendors to partake in a golf day at The Vines. As it is one of the premier golf courses in the country and very expensive to play I jumped at the chance. As it turned out so did about 120 others.

Quite a warm, humid day it turned out to be. Without the golf carts I dare say it would have been quite a slog. We played ambrose which means everybody tees off and you choose the best shot. From there everybody plays a second shot and so on. Our biggest problem as a group was that no-one had good short irons into the green and we had great difficulty reaching the greens in regulation. Off the tee we were quite good and putting was impressive but just that damned second shot.

I was a little apprehensive taking on The Vines as it is such a prestigious course. But, really, it's not that long and there's not much trouble you can get into. The bunkers didn't offer particularly difficult shots and there wasn't much undergrowth around the trees. We were disappointed with our score of five over especially as the winners shot a round of 66 which I think was six under. Great day though and I'm really glad to have had the opportunity to play there.

Golf carts were transport for the day.

Lots of golf carts.

The hole in one prizes were worth trying for.

Hole No.7 on the Ellenbrook Course was picturesque.

Our team from L-R - Ron, Andrean, FB and Ben.

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Wow that is grand. Enjoy yourselves from, Annette