Monday, November 03, 2008

Red Bull Air Race 2008

The finals of the Red Bull Air Race 2008 were held over the Swan River yesterday. The Boy and I went down to enjoy the afternoon of racing. Our intention was to catch a bus near to the event and walk from the Vic Park transfer station. I parked the car near a bus station and found out that the next bus, on this busy road, was half an hour away. With an event expected to draw 100,000 to 150,000 spectators you would expect a bit more public transport to be available. So we parked nearer the event and walked.

It was a rather warm 26 degrees and some people had been there since early in the morning, probably to obtain a good spot. One of those must have been the people we decided to set up camp in front of because, beer in hand, he proceeded to yell abuse at me with all sorts of expletives. No consideration for the Boy. Arsehole. We found a better vantage point a little bit further away.

It was a good afternoons racing. We saw the Red Bull Air Race 2008 champion, Hannes Arch from Austria, competing. Paul Bonhomme went on to win the event and Nigel Lamb finished second. Of course I have some photos and videos of the event.


Made it through ok.

Pull her up for a Cuban!

Big crowd in attendance on the South Perth foreshore.

Roulettes in flying formation

Following the air race was a demonstration by the Roulettes and then the most exciting part of the day - a flypast by an FA-18 fighter jet. The FA-18 blew them all away. So loud and so fast.

FA18 flypast video

FA18 zips by

Paul Bonhomme's winning run at the Perth event of the Red Bull Air Race 2008.

Nigel Lamb’s second place run at the Perth event of the Red Bull Air Race 2008.

Hannes Arch's quarter final run at the Perth event of the Red Bull Air Race 2008. Could have been the semi final. I can't remember.

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