Saturday, August 09, 2008

Olympic Games Opening Ceremony - Congratulations China, Shame Australian Channel 7

It was with much anticipation that we greeted the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Greyjing, er, Beijing.

I was most impressed with the 2008 drummers. The missus was scared as they appeared so regimented and communist. Powerful performance to say the least.

Some 15000 performers were used. I wonder where all of the costumes were made. Surely not in China?

Loved the kids bringing the Chinese flag to the soldiers who then goose-stepped their way to the flagpole. Then came an announcement in French, followed in English which said, "Ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding for the Chinese national anthem," and then a message in Mandarin was broadcast. Roughly translated I guess it said, "Stand up or you will be shot!"

The young girl who was supposed to be playing the piano with one of the world's best pianists, who by coincidence just happened to be Chinese, who became awestruck by the audience, well, I guess she'll never see her parents again after letting her country down so badly.

Enjoyed the people running around like Christmas trees and forming the image of the dove.

I thought that when the performers in white were rushing around that there was going to be a mention of Tiananmen Square in China's history but there was not a tank to be seen.

I enjoyed the performance that the Chinese laid on. The art and fireworks were great. So much history and so little time to show it.

But the truly sad performance of the night came from the Australian commentators on Channel 7 - Sandy Roberts and Bruce MacAvaney. I'm sorry to discover that they're both South Australians.

The first gaff came when Greece entered the arena. Instead of informing us about the stars of the Greek team, the flag bearer, the history of the country at the Olympics, etc, Sandy could only mention that the Greeks had been beset by drug problems and that 11 of their athletes had been caught in drug testing recently. What a disgrace. If Australia was located next to Greece I'm sure this would have been cause for an international incident.

Bruce pronounced Panama as "Pa-nay-muh". Panaymuh? What sort of a wanker is he? He's supposed to be the quintessential sports caster, or "Mastercaster" as some refer to him, and he comes up with Panaymuh?! Doesn't he watch Channel 7's Prison Break which is set in Panama? Not very special, Bruce.

Bruce's introduction of another country left a lot to be desired. Obviously geography wasn't a stong point of his at school as he told Australia that the Central African Republic was a middle-African country. It's a good thing he did or other people not familiar with countries outside of their own borders may have thought that it was in Eastern Europe or Central America.

Perhaps the funniest moment of the opening ceremony was the announcement that the Chinese word for "harmony" was pronounced in Mandarin as "huh". Huh? Yes, what is harmony exactly? We've got two weeks to find out.


Susan Ham said...

Tell me, does vinegar taste better when you eat it off a fork? I can however, understand your disappointment. Sandy Roberts is from Lucindale and went to school with Irene. I have always thought him and Bruce to be very banal and uninspiring speakers, as they seem to have nothing else but sport on their minds.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo I love the Olympics too. Take care and have a great week. Annette