Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympic Games and Pamela Anderson

They're huge, they're exciting, they're awesome and they're quite spectacular but there's a lot of fake about them. Yes, I'm talking about the Olympic Games. Much like Pamela Anderson's breasts they are for the enjoyment of millions of people worldwide but you can't help but feel a bit deflated knowing the truth.

Yesterday I read that the little Chinese girl who sang "Ode to the Motherland" at the opening ceremony was only lip-synching. The girl singing the song, and even that was a pre-recorded performance, was deemed to be not cute enough to show her face.

And then I discovered that the very impressive fireworks had incorporated some digitised images because it was too difficult to actually make fireworks look like footprints.

I know that cities are supposed to "stage" the Olympics but this takes the meaning a bit too literally. And to think that the Chinese had the biggest worry of drug cheats. When you cheat with the Olympics itself isn't that worse? The whole thing is a little too controlled for my liking.

Go the athletes. It has been superb so far.

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Anonymous said...

So true. It is a shame a lot is so fake. Daffy