Monday, August 25, 2008

Book Sale

Over at UWA (University of Western Australia) there is a book sale in Winthrop Hall for the Save The Children charity. People, libraries and others, if there can be others, have donated books of all kinds to be sold at bargain prices with all money raised going to the charity with special focus on Bangladesh. So many people. So many books. Didn't take enough cash but they took credit card.

There was a travel section but no book on Singapore that I would have found useful. They did have travel guides for Mexico, South America and Greece though. I bought a couple of books on South Korea, General Norman Schwarzkopf's autobiography, Robert Hughes' The Fatal Shore and a book about the economic rise and fall of countries from 1400. The Boy picked up Tom Sawyer, a 300 page puzzle book that he spent the ensuing four hours reading and finished and a few others including The Jungle Book. Miky bought a Van Gogh book, something about the Renaissance painters and home craft. It was an afternoon well spent.

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Anonymous said...

Great cause. Have a splendid week. Annette