Saturday, August 02, 2008

Never, Ever

Never, ever watch a movie with an eight year old who has already seen it. The incessant, "He's a baddie", followed by, "This is a funny bit" and the "This is sad" really got to me. But no matter how much he was told off the Boy kept telling me what was happening or about to happen. It was amazing to see it go in one ear and out the other. Complete memory loss of something that he was told two minutes previously.

When I want to watch something I'd rather not know anything about the outcome. Especially not the plot of a movie, if it actually has one. It's kinda like watching the World Cup final after the game has finished and someone has already mentioned the score line.

Honestly, I'd swear that the Boy is a mini-me.


Susan Ham said...

I am surprised it has taken you eight years to realize he is a carbon copy of yourself.
They do say 'our chickens come home to roost'.

Anonymous said...

Yes Dr.Evil his is your Mini me ha ha ha ha The Devil