Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Somebody Flicked The Switch And Turned On The Artist

The Boy isn't much of an artist. At least, until this afternoon he wasn't considered much of an artist. It's like somebody has flicked a switch and turned on the artist in him.


I am stonkered.

Stick figures were his speciality. In fact, he couldn't do much else. I dunno what's happened but stick figures are so yesterday.

He asked me what I thought it was and I felt that it looked like an ant.

Wow, what a transformation.

Not a bad impression of a Stegosaurus methinks.

When he stops drawing freehand and uses a rule you can see the amazing difference in quality.

This is my favourite drawing. He's even worked out perspective.

At first I thought that his mum had helped him when I saw the Ferrari drawing. But no, she was cooking. Then I thought that he must have copied it from a book. But no, no books to be found. It was just an image in his head and something told him to draw it piece by piece. Lookout Nick but you may have some competition soon.


Joe said...

Those are terrific!

Anonymous said...

Fantasico!!! Daphne

The Cutlers said...

Excellent - pretty sure he's a better artist than me already. Gazza