Saturday, July 19, 2008

Warning - Kids Are Not Safe

I have a warning to all of you parents out there. To leave three kids unattended in the backyard with access to the garden shed is not safe. This is the scene that I returned home to this afternoon after work.

The Trench, as it has become known.

The Trench 2. Looks like a giant footprint.

The Trench 3.


Kids are not safe - for your backyard at least. The kids aren't likely to get hurt but your backyard may never recover. And to think that they made this firstly as a trap for the rabbit and then for a trench to keep him in. What great imaginations.

Perhaps they want to go to the Olympics. If so, they're off to a good start because they already dug halfway to China.


tmz_99 said...

groundforce meets Dr Harry....

Susan Ham said...

Who's the 'bunny' this time?

Hammy said...

Ha ha hah. You guys crack me up. It was a bit of a Backyard Blitz.

Anonymous said...

Cool. Stew he's what's for dinner soon ha ha Nice work Kiddos. Daffy

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