Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Great Escape - Almost

Had a chat over the fence with the neighbour today. She mentioned that her daughter and her boyfriend had spotted a rabbit in our front yard the other day. Thinking that it belonged to the Boy they tried to catch it. Even the neighbour joined in and nobody could actually catch Stew. They then decided to open the gate and shoo him in. It worked! A closer inspection revealed that he had dug under the only bit of fence that didn't have concrete slabs next to it and pushed the wire netting to one side to make his escape. Our neighbours then placed a couple of bricks in front of the hole so he couldn't make his way out again.

Obviously Stew isn't that stupid as there is some lovely grass out the front. No wonder he heads for the gate when I'm going out. Cunning little bugger. Luckily it wasn't really the great escape.

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Anonymous said...

That dirty rabbit. Dinner time ha ha hah a