Thursday, July 17, 2008

Abuse By SMS – Make Sure You Spell Properly

My missus was doing some pattern design for a “lady”. She was very slow at paying and not good at keeping to her word. The fact that she was running a fashion business and had not much of an idea about what she was doing didn’t help either. Miky had been waiting to be paid the grand total of $60 for a couple of weeks and repeated calls didn’t garner a response until the other day. She was met with a “Do you know who my husband is?” bit of screaming and other stupidity. After finally transferring the money, following an offer of paying in two to three weeks time, she sent the following SMS.

“Sent you the $60 to your bank account this morning. Don’t ever want to hear from you again. If you bad mouth me to anyone in the industry like you talked about me to Clare, I sware to God I will sue you for DEFORMATION OF CHARACTER! And the $121 you owe me for the cardboard!!!!!
Lucky fo me Two of my cousins are lawyers!!!!!!!!!!! Gina”

Funny that. “Deformation of character”? The fact that this peroxide blonde is quite obviously a gold-digger whose multi-millionaire husband has been having an affair whilst she’s been pregnant with their second child which has lead to divorce proceedings, her lack of knowledge about the industry, her ignorance of the English language and her dodgy business ethics show that her character is actually deformed and not defamed as she probably meant. Freudian slip, maybe? As for the $121 - when you offer to go halves in something and then take it all for yourself before receiving payment there isn’t much to complain about and no money owed. Hopefully her lawyer cousins are better at spelling. The bit about knowing who the husband is kills me. It’s plain to see that she doesn’t even know who her husband is or she’s just beginning to find out. This is the thanks that we get even after welcoming her into our home? Not much better than being spat in the face or being bitten as a hand that has fed someone. Oh, and you're wondering about the bad-mouthing to Clare? It turns out that Clare is a good friend of Gina and she mentioned to my missus that she doesn't know anything about design. Wouldn't hurt to get the facts straight, would it? Lawyers don't worry too much about the facts though if it doesn't help their cause.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. Stupid bitch.


Susan Ham said...

Hope you don't get sued for 'deformation' after that last comment.

Anonymous said...

Ya right. She probably ate the money owed since, she is preggy. She needed pickle and peanutbutter ice cream. Since her soon to be ex is so rich I am sure he did not get there by being a nice guy. He must have stepped on a few toes and ripped off quite a few. Good thing Milky did not become a floor mat. About the character thing money is money and they would laugh her out of court. When she owes she owes. The nerve of some. Daphne