Thursday, July 10, 2008

Breast Cancer In Couples On The Rise

On Today Tonight a couple of nights ago they had a report about a husband and wife who both had breast cancer. The odds for that happening were given as one in a billion. Give me a break. If they said one in nine hundred and eighty five million three hundred and sixty five thousand and eighty seven I could have believed them. But not one in a billion. That figure is way too convenient. The guy's father was the first man in Australia to be diagnosed with breast cancer and he died from the disease. Both of the couple have recovered.

What the report didn't tell us was that the incidence of breast cancer affecting couples was increasing exponentially. This one in a billion chance could be down to one in a few tens of thousand the way things are going. Well, with gay marriage/unions being allowed in certain states in America it is obvious that lesbian couples are more likely to have both struck down with the disease than one in a billion.

I wish the reporters on Today Tonight would reveal the awful truth. Why is it that Michael Moore is left to tell the story?


David (Staypuff) said...

"On Today Tonight..."

Say no more.

Anonymous said...

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Susan Ham said...

I know I am showing my ignorance, but, who is Michael Moore?