Monday, June 30, 2008

Melbourne Tram Company 1 : Richmond Football Club 0

Alternative title - Polak Pole-axed.

The game - Chicken
The scene - Melbourne tram line
The scoreline - MTC 1: RFC 0
The loser - Graham Polak

Very recently, Graham Polak, of the Richmond Football Club, was involved in a nasty incident. Normally Richmond footballers after going out on the piss use the local cop shop as a lavatory. But after a night out it appears that Polak had an accident with a tram in Melbourne only metres from his home.

Due to swelling of the brain, obviously he didn't have a footballer's brain or this would be no cause for concern, he was placed in an induced coma. This accident, strangely, occurred at the start of a mid-season break. Normally, footballers get comatose in the off-season - Chad Fletcher is a prime example.

Thankfully he has come out of the coma and has opened his eyes. He responds to questions with squeezing of hands and that is a good sign. I'm sure his coach will be in to see the doctor and ask, "Will he ever play football at the highest level?"
And if the doctor responded with, "Yes, he will," then I'd expected the coach to say, "Well, he couldn't before he went into a coma."

Get well Graham. I wouldn't wish this on too many people. Not even Richmond supporters can take being beaten by the Melbourne Tram Drivers.


Susan Ham said...

Question in need of an answer:- If, as reported, he was getting into a taxi, HOW did he get hit by a tram????

Anonymous said...

Not a very compassionate person are you!! This is a horrible thing that has happened, whether he was pissed or not! What if this had happened to someone you love? Would you have a laugh at them aswell?

Hammy said...

I read today that he was crossing the road to get into a taxi. That's when he was struck by the tram.

Anon - I can laugh at any situation. If you can't find the funny side of life that give up on living. And I'm the first to laugh at myself. No compassion? Did I not wish him well?

Anonymous said...

He should have been more careful. That dumb ass jock ha ha How is that for compassion ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Maybe i should give up on life then you can laugh at me at my funeral! But then again i'm better than that, and i would never tell anyone to give up on life. Now at least i know what you think of people who don't agree with you. SCREW YOU and GROW UP!

Hammy said...

With that sort of an attitude to life perhaps it has given up on you. Thanks for dropping by. Too bad if I never hear from you again.

Hammy said...

Or are you telling everyone else that my attitude to disagreeables is "screw you and grow up"? I refuse to grow up. Who wants to get old?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, you won't be hearing from me again. With a brother like you who needs enemies!!