Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wrong Number

Whilst on the office phone today I received a call on my mobile. It was an 02 number which identified it as from New South Wales which is situated on the other side of the country. So I interrupted my conversation to answer it.
"Hello, this is Me."
"Hi, it's Brent from blah blah blah."
"Er, G'day. Which company did you say you were from?"
"One Hour Plumbing. You called me earlier. I'm on my way over."
"Um, no. I didn't."
"Isn't your number 555-xxxx?"
"Yes it is but I didn't call you."
"Oh. I must have one of the digits wrong."
"Brent, are you in Sydney?"
"Well I'm in Perth and I'd be very impressed if you were able to get here in one hour."

Poor guy. I just had to have some fun with him. Wrong numbers can be amusing.


Andy said...

If you think THAT'S fun, you should try my telemarketer trick.

Let them prattle on for a minute or two, and then start changing your answers from a bored sounding "yeah" to a breathless "oh yeah".

Add a few guttural moans, maybe some rhtymic, muffled slapping sounds, and I guarantee you'll never near from that company again. Works better than any "Do Not Call" list ever could...

Joe said...

You should have asked for free plumbing work if he wasn't there in an hour.

Susan Ham said...

You guys are MEAN!

Anonymous said...

That is not this mean. This guy called an office when I was a receptionist. He said please ask is Seymore there? So I said Seymore who? Seymore Butts so, I said it and everyone laughed. What a jerk. It sounded like I said See more butts. crazy prank calls. That is only one of them. One guy called and said he was a porno mag photographer and he needed my personal details ugh ha ha