Friday, June 06, 2008

What's The Koreans' Excuse - They've Had The Olympics?

I've received a few emails lately asking me "Is China ready for the Olympics?" even though some are Japanese signs and others are Korean. My missus picked up a copy of Perth Journal, a new publication for Koreans in Perth, and it is littered with typos. Literally every second advertisement has an error. They need a proofreader, that for sure.

So what is the Koreans' excuse? They've already had the Olympics.

The Perth Journal's disclaimer says that the information was correct at press time. Don't ask me where the mistakes entered the picture.

Arirang - I think it's situated at No. 93. But that should be Barrack St (nice restaurant).

Seoul Buffet - What day of the week is Tuse? Maybe it is the day you would tuse to go?

Sinabro - For those of you on a see food (and eat it) diet, enjoy your meet and chacoral BBQ. Be warned as it is colsed on Monday.

Tile Friends Co. - I wanna get me some of the latest follr tiles.

Meijin Garage - For all your boody parts.

Midori - Books essencial.

Ninniku Jip - They're in form for lunch. (Great restaurant!)

Seizan - Funtions are held down staire.


Anonymous said...

YOu made me too hungry!! Don't get mad but, do they eat German shepards too like some Asians. IF they do boo hoo. I love dogs. I don't know if I could eat one though. That is a tough call.

Hammy said...

Koreans breed a large, yellow haired dog for eating and not German Shepherds. I'd be hard pushed to eat it too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks now I know the truth. Have a great weekend (with your beautiful talented family that are just like you!!!