Sunday, May 13, 2007

Yu-Jin's Birthday Party

We had Yu-Jin's birthday party today. Had to have it a few weeks late because we couldn't organise it during the school holidays as we don't know where half of his friends live. The party was at Tumblers Kids Gym at Riverton Leisureplex. Only one kid who was invited didn't show. But instead of having a total of eight kids there were 12 as siblings came along too. Luckily they didn't charge any extra and there was enough food to around. Bit left over for the parents who came too.

Couple of hours of running around, lots of Fanta and Pepsi, chips, fairy bread, hot dogs and popcorn. Surprisingly the chips were left over. Kids had a good time. Parents were relaxed and got to talk a lot. You couldn't pay me enough to run one of these parties with screaming, demanding kids.

The birthday boy.

Chips were on the menu.

Ice cream cake for birthday cake. No better way to go.

Family pic. The only time we get a photo together.

Tumblers Kids Gym.

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