Friday, May 18, 2007

How Useful Is Prince Harry?

I'm not a huge fan of the British royal family but they do have a job to do. And if they are in the army they should be carrying out that job too. So, poor ol' Prince Harry, who wants to be taken seriously, is in the army but deemed too precious to go to war in Iraq. And he is the leader of his squadron. What sort of message does that send to every other soldiers' family? Because he's a target he shouldn't go to war? Every other soldier is a target, agreed not as large a target, but a target just the same. The boy would have a gun to defend himself, wouldn't he? So just how useful is Prince Harry?

- As useful as tits on a bull?
- As useful as a cop without a gun or handcuffs?
- As useful as a wether for fathering lambs?
- As useful as a gelding for a stud farm?
- As useful as a politician?

There's a saying, "Son, you're in the army now". Bloody namby-pambies who don't want the prince's blood on their hands. Why join the army when the most dangerous object you will handle is a pencil, which, as I've mentioned before, has inherent design problems which make it unsuitable for hand-to-hand combat?


Susan Ham said...

Harry said in a tv interveiw once, if he thought he would not be sent with his mates, where-ever they were needed, he would not drag his sorry arse through the rigours of Sandhurst. He must be spewing!

tmz_99 said...

its a bit funny, when going back just a few hundred years the kings/princes in the army often went at the front of the attack or were in charge of whole armies themselves.